Passe-Partout suffering from dwarfism, how tall are the members of his family?

For many years, he has already accompanied the candidates to the famous Fort. Became a real darling since his first appearances in Fort Boyard, Passe-partout is still popular with viewers and candidates who participate in the famous France 2 game. But this love does not make him forget the dwarfism he has suffered from since birth. Guest on the show At Jordan’s this Wednesday, September 21, he evoked precisely this congenital disease of growth and took the opportunity to say more about the members of his family.

Are there any other members who have dwarfism? Is he the only one? The one who flows happy days alongside Patricia for 12 years gave precisely the answer. “My parents are of normal height”he reveals before continuing: “They would never have thought of having a short person. Besides, my sister is 1m75”. A fact that amuses André Bouchet, “everyone is big in the family except me. It can happen to anyone in any family!”

An appearance that allowed him to move forward

If he takes with a lot of humor the fact of being small, Passe-partout has however long suffered from this “difference” with the others. Especially in the schoolyard. “I did not let myself be done. I am someone who is very reactive, I sent steak, let’s say”, he assures against Jordan de Luxe before giving some examples of the difficult times he had to face. Today, that is a thing of the past. People have a different vision of dwarfism and especially of André Bouchet.

This is partly due to its presence in Fort Boyard as the one who revealed his real salary a few days ago has fun recalling: “We no longer say: ‘Here, look at the dwarf’, we say: ‘Here, there’s Passe-partout!’ moved on. We’re not going to live with that all the time. […] We know we’re dwarfs […] But today I’m going to laugh about it”.

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