Parity explained to my tribe

You will excuse me, ladies readers, but I have a message to deliver to the members of the male gender, my tribe. So, I will see you again during my column on Saturday. Tourlou!

Now that we’re between ourselves, guys, I can tell you: you’re taking it like crazy. Your Pavlovian dog reaction to Québec Solidaire’s initiative to ensure equality for female and male elected officials demonstrates your total unawareness of the tsunami that awaits us. This should be a time for active planning to maintain our dignity in a world where we will soon be marginalized. I see you clinging to your masculinist positions as if the future, as much as the past, belonged to you. In reality, you have as much chance of success as the polar bears on the soon-to-be ex-glacial cap.

As we speak, nearly 60% of university degrees are earned by women. This is not a ceiling, but the point where we are in a strongly bullish trend. I’m not talking about nurses with a bachelor’s degree. Accounting, law and engineering firms are struggling to recruit men into their cohorts. For what ? Because they persist in choosing their candidates on merit. The guys are pockets, that’s all.

I read for you (men read less, it is known, but I am dedicated) a book with an ordinary title, but with terrifying content: The under-education of men and the choice of profession of women. The authors — former rector Robert Lacroix, a child psychologist and two economists — wondered why boys are so downgraded. Going back the thread, they noted this gap at university, CEGEP, secondary school, primary school. Everywhere, the same observation: guys arrive more late, like homework less, are more negative towards school, are less motivated, except for the fight and the dirty jokes.

It’s the school itself’s fault, right? Of all these mothering women, from daycare to adulthood, who castrate masculinity and plunge men into a crisis of meaning? I wish it were that simple. But the authors dig deeper because, on average, penis carriers are one step behind non-penis carriers as soon as the doctor slaps them on the back to make them breathe.

Did you think everything happened before two years? Bullshit! Everything happens during pregnancy. Hold on and read the following, you lazy people: a slew of recent studies “lead to a conclusion that was not initially obvious: the cognitive, emotional and social development of boys is more affected than that of girls by disturbances in their environment during pregnancy. Yes, if mom is stressed, has COVID, gets drunk or takes drugs, the boy suffers more than the girl. This is true in Westmount, but even more so in Saint-Henri. We are cognitive, emotional and social losers at moment zero of our existence. In short, we are done.

In the world before, when every important decision was decided with a saber or wrist shot, our body mass gave us an advantage. But from the moment the decision is based on voting and women have the right to vote, from the moment superiority is measured in IQ and women have access to education, this is not (n It was only a matter of time before the female cognitive advantage was deployed throughout all power structures. We are one or two generations away, in democracies, from the tipping point.

We could bank on the presumed benevolence of our future leaders. That would be taking a big risk. By chance, one of my master’s projects focused on the condition of men in primitive matriarchal societies. Basing myself solely on the observations of women anthropologists, I was able to observe how the men there were dispossessed of decision-making power, alienated, quarrelsome and neurotic, exactly like the American suburban women of the 1950s described by Betty Friedan in The mystified woman.

How can we not fear that after a few millennia of being marginalized, dispossessed, infantilized, attacked, we will not find among our future bosses supporters of the return of the pendulum, a question of balancing the accounts of oppression for a century or two . And what will stop them from investing billions of dollars of public money in parthenogenesis? (Don’t know what that is? You’ve already lost.)

The former solidarity candidate in Jean-Talon, dissociated from parity, affirms that patriarchy is not a priority? He’s got it all wrong. Patriarchy is in its terminal phase. Parity is our only plan B. In the society of female power that is emerging before our eyes, we must make it our main fight. Demand that the principle of 50% female-50% male be legally binding in parties, among elected officials, in government, in private and public boards of directors. It’s already too late for university registrations, but let’s try to impose it in the faculties, at least. While we are still in the majority, let’s include parity in our charters, in the Constitution. Let us make it a commandment of the Church, an article of Sharia law, a principle of Judaism and Kabbalah.

Power is slipping from our hands, it’s inevitable. We will be lucky to keep half of it, it will be almost unexpected. Instead of insulting Québec Solidaire, let’s salute these champions, nay, these useful idiots of our male rearguard fight. Let’s make the principle of female-male co-spokespersons (or co-leader, better yet) a general rule, an obligation, a sacred principle.

Our place for centuries depends on it, you bunch of idiots. Do it for the love of our sons. Or at least so that they don’t hate us.

Jean-François Lisée led the PQ from 2016 to 2018. He has just published Through the mouth of my pencils. [email protected].

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