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In China, parents of children who behave badly by the party face up to five days in jail. The journalist Arnauld Miguet provides details on this law which entered into force on weekend of January 1st.

In China, if their children skip school or play prohibited games, their parents face up to five days in prison. This law came into force on the weekend of January 1. “Under this law, children who commit an offense, consume drugs, skip school, surf the Internet on sites banned in China, such as Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube, parents will be held responsible, accomplices“, explains the journalist Arnauld Miguet, correspondent in China for France Televisions, for the 8 Hours of Monday January 3.

Parents therefore risk a fine of 135 euros and up to five days in prison, “with rehabilitation courses“, specifies the journalist, who adds:”The party gives a turn of screw on manners and on the company. In recent months, online video games have been banned for children for more than three hours a week“In addition, stars who do not meet the party’s criteria can no longer be shown on television and on the Internet, and footballers are prohibited from getting tattoos.”because it is a bad example for the youth, according to the party“, quotes Arnauld Miguet.

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