“Overwhelmed”, Roxane Bruneau | The duty

It starts strong, with a montage, career summary. The story of Roxane by Roxane, that will be the point. The title song is intended to be a message to peers, to the media, to people in the profession. “You avoided my gaze / Today you write to me / You want us to collaborate / Since the prices ofAcrophobia […] But today I’m straddling you”: a gripping indictment. Six years, three albums, the Bell Center, a real popular success. She took a dive. Survived. Emerged. Won. The songs that follow tour the fears that drown (The whites of the eyes), romantic shipwrecks (DCD), the need to swim in order not to sink (I think you think too much). From song to song, doubts fade, this third album exists. “You hold it in your hands,” Roxane tells us in proof in Invincible, victory song. Yes, generic rock, rap duo with Souldia (Passenger side), telegraphed melodies, but an undeniable strength in the expression of itself. Latitude, longitude, it is located. Whoever loves it joins it.

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Pop rock

Roxane Bruneau

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