“Our story lasted two years…”

Alexandre Lefeuvre has things to say… This week in the columns of France Sunday, the young man of 34 years assured to be the hidden son of Julien Lepers. According to him, the former television star never wanted to assume their parentage. Shock confidences that risk making headlines. “I was brought up by my stepfather, since my parent, Julien Lepers, never recognized me”, explained the main interested party.

Like her son, Véronique has made new secrets about the former presenter of “Questions for a champion”. “I understand my son’s approach and I encourage him to go through with it. But you know, it’s a bit like the iron pot against the earthen pot… I would of course have liked that Julien Lepers assumes his responsibilities and makes it easier for everyone”, underlined the latter not without bitterness.

His relationship with Julien Lepers would have started in the 80s… out of sight. “We didn’t see each other very regularly, but our affair still lasted two years, in the mid-1980s. He gave me an appointment in his bachelor apartment, rue du Ruisseau, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris”, said the ex-companion of the facilitator. In addition, Véronique discovered late that her darling at the time was indeed in a relationship with another person.

“I was young, a little naive. I only found out afterwards that he was with someone else. I have absolutely no doubt that he is Alexander’s father”added Véronique.

For his part, Alexandre Lefeuvre suffered from the absence of his sire. “At school, it was not easy, the other children, who only saw my mother, called me a ‘bastard’ and laughed at me asking me: ‘Where is your father?'”, he confessed. “As a teenager, I then wanted to know who I was, where I came from, if I had brothers and sisters. I wanted to know my father, I didn’t care if he was Julien Lepers, a star television.” If the two men would have met, the presenter would have – subsequently – made it clear to him that he no longer wished to be in contact with the latter… To be continued.


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