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We won’t lie. Our sonsa collection that brings together some twenty chronicles written by Marc Cassivi in The Press between 2007 and 2022, is aimed at parents. They are the ones who will feel a great burst of tenderness in front of the stories of the first time, the questions that leave you speechless, the emerging passions, the dreams realized, the arms that are stretched out less and less, the time that flies by at breakneck speed. These are the same parents who will feel a pinch in their hearts in front of the painful lessons, the awareness, the contemplation of injustices, the climate crisis, prejudices, hatred. Our sons nothing revolutionary, but it represents, thanks to the lucid and scrutinizing, often benevolent and sometimes weary gaze of the chronicler on his society, a fascinating mirror of our time, held up by those who try somehow to forge its ‘coming. It is, basically, a plea for love: the one that we transmit, that we give, that we defend and which allows, as much as possible, to dream of the best, to access to a hint of freedom and serenity.

Our sons


Marc Cassivi, Overall, Montreal, 2023, 176 pages

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