Our Sisters-in-Law | A new extract with Benoît Brière

New images from the musical film Our Sisters-in-Law were revealed on Monday, where we see Benoît Brière as bingo host.

“Bingo, bingo, I won,” says Geneviève Schmidt, interpreter of Germaine Lauzon, after the number of a ball is announced.

The feature film stars a prestigious cast that includes Guylaine Tremblay, Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, Véronic DiCaire, Valérie Blais, Yves Jacques, Steve Laplante, Maxime Le Flaguais, Pierrette Robitaille and Diane Lavallée.

René Richard Cyr wrote the screenplay and directed this musical film inspired by the work of Michel Tremblay, a classic of Quebec theater from the 1960s brought to the big screen for the first time.

Daniel Bélanger is behind the music. Our Sisters-in-Lawa production by Denise Robert, will be shown across Quebec on July 11.

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