“Our friendship is over”, Tony Parker released by Mr. Pokora

Tensions are sometimes palpable between Mr. Pokora and Tony Parker. For years, the two accomplices have maintained a solid friendship. Unfortunately, the strongest bonds can be put to the test. Especially during board game evenings. Guest on the airwaves of Radio Scoop a few weeks ago, the interpreter of Just A Picture Of You revealed quite an anecdote concerning his BFF who, according to him, would be a very bad player.

“A bad loser where he is best is in the werewolf”he confided before continuing his story: “A bad loser in a werewolf, it’s extraordinary the pressure he puts on you not to take him out. When you’re convinced that he’s not a villager.” Ready to do anything to win the game, the athlete would even go so far as to threaten his opponents. “He’s trying to make you believe, while you’re playing, that your friendship with him is over. That is, he’s trying to make you feel guilty about saying if I take him out, our vacation together is over . We’re all going to our own homes, the children will never see each other again.”

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“Un good level of bad loss”

Just like the famous basketball player, Matthieu Tota, his real name, would be a bad loser. A personality trait that Christina Milian’s companion readily recognizes. We are both at a good level of bad loss together.”, he concluded. Confidences that unleashed passions.

The werewolf is the best game”, “He says profound things”, “Friendship goes quickly in the werewolf”, “He is so right”could we read in the comments of the extract posted online on the official Instagram account of Radio Scoop. Tony Parker will appreciate it!


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