Oscar Sisto uncompromisingly on the students of Star Academy 11

He did not participate in Star Academy 11, but Oscar Sisto did visit the students of the castle of Dammarie-Les-Lys, in December 2023. Unfortunately, his emotion at finding the places he had frequented 10 years later early on, was a little upset… On April 4, 2024, he explained how his meeting with Héléna and Candice went, in particular, to Jordan de Luxe on C8.

“A sort of cut of fromage blanc

Regarding his colleague, Raphaëlle Ricci, who was also not called back by the production to teach the students, he estimated: “she said things of incredible relevance, she was right. Today, she couldn’t anymore, we would kill her when she left the castle. We can no longer do these things, say to a student, you don’t ‘haven’t worked enough’. And Oscar Sisto knows something about it, since he experienced it himself!

He remembered on the set of At Jordan, this Thursday morning: “For example this year, there are two girls (Héléna and Candice, editor’s note), I’m invited, I’m a guest, I bring very prepared exercises for them. And I see that this girl, Héléna, doesn’t give off anything. I say to myself, but these people are in a reality show, whatever they do, whether they are bad, whether they fall, whether they make mistakes, they are there to put on the show all the time. And no one is interested in having a sort of cut of fromage blanc. So doing nothing is ugly. You are not in an MJC (Maisons des Jeunes et de la Culture, editor’s note) where no one sees you. You are watched by millions of people. Something must be happening, you’re empty. She says to me ‘ah it’s violent’, as if I had just attacked her. Whereas if I were a director, I would say to the actor ‘something is happening, or nothing is happening, and why’. It’s already violent. Héléna who was adorable afterwards. But at that moment, she found it violent.”

Oscar Sisto also admitted to telling her: “Your eyes are wandering, you don’t even look like my cat.” And to explain: “Yes, because my cat has a real look, which Héléna didn’t have at that time. It’s important, it’s her role, she’s beautiful, she’s a good artist, eh, but at that moment, why, I don’t know I’m from the last century, but for me I’m getting ready, I’m coming to you, so you have to play the game until the end. If they don’t understand that, they’ll never understand their job.”

“She was half asleep, she wasn’t alive

And it must be said that Héléna is not the only one not to have played the game. The theater teacher reveals that he was also disillusioned, upon discovering, Candice, who did four years of theater. He tells : “They told me ‘you’ll see, it’s Aurélie Konaté’, who captivated us from the first class. And I thought she might have something, at that time she was half asleep , she was not alive, and it took me a long time for her look to be alive”.

A fault which is not entirely the fault of the young singer. Also, Oscar Sisto estimated that this distortion was due to the fact that academicians “learn songs very quickly, they spend their time looking at the teleprompter, in fact. Someone who reads the text is no longer the look of someone who…”

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