Opinion – The tools of the Facebook-Instagram family

The US government, with the tools of the Meta-Facebook-Instagram family and the recently launched Threads, has a phenomenal source of intelligence with multiple AIs, useful for the full range of possible investigations of fully enrolled populations. thank you. This is undoubtedly the reason why the federal regulatory institutions did not intervene in the constitution of the digital quasi-monopoly that the GAFAMs have become, buying up all the gaming sites, digital services and social networks, both competing and complementary.

More than a hundred acquisitions for Meta since its creation in 2005 in Boston. The security and surveillance authorities have only one back door to cross, ideally equipped with a judicial warrant, to know everything about all or almost all individuals of its population and, why not, those of other countries as long as ‘to do ? In addition, a dream: no need to collect information, all these populations do it by themselves voluntarily, blindly and abusively… A single photo geolocates you with your friends around the world.

I invite you to read the conditions to accept to join this wonderful virtual world as an avatar; everything you deposit there will be used by metacompanies to increase their income; we can also buy information about our neighboring avatars, whatever the reasons… For all those who lack attention, confidence and recognition, it’s a win-win game!

The GAFAMs exploit you and the State watches you… You mustn’t have any illusions, the only way to quit, to find a certain peace of mind and respect for one’s civic and human condition, is to quit. !

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