Opinion – A vaccine for a century!

A few years after the First World War, humanity was going through a difficult period of deadly diseases, such as tuberculosis (TB). Good enough, the Bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccine was introduced in 1921, saving a lot of people.

However, its effectiveness was limited, resulting in many people continuing to die of tuberculosis. […].

Wouldn’t it be a question of inequality and inequity in the health system? The solidarity of global scientific cooperation has led to the rapid development of safe and highly effective COVID-19 vaccines. In one year, 19 vaccines have been approved.

To end TB and prepare for future threats, Prime Minister Trudeau must attend the United Nations High-Level Meeting on TB in September and commit to dedicating 0.15% of Canada’s global research and development spending each year to develop and deliver new tools to prevent, diagnose and treat this deadly infectious disease.

Together we can #EndTB !

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