One week before the premiere of “Martin Matte en direct”: two extracts to tickle us

One week before the grand premiere of the new talk show Martin Matte liveexcerpts from the pilot filmed at the end of August were broadcast Thursday morning, just to make our mouths water.

We can hear Martin Matte during his opening stand-up while discussing the death of Bob Barker, the famous host of The Price is Right, died at the venerable age of 99, on August 26. The comedian takes the opportunity to return to the Quebec version of the American game, which was hosted by a certain Philippe Bond, who we have not seen in the media since he was the subject of accusations of sexual misconduct on the part of several women, in July 2022.

“Who would have thought that Philippe Bond would disappear before Bob Barker!” says Martin Matte, triggering laughter from the spectators gathered at the Espace St-Denis during the filming of the pilot.

Martin Matte in the setting of his new talk show “Martin Matte en direct”. The premiere, live as the title says, is scheduled for Thursday, September 28, at 8 p.m., on TVA.


In the shared extract, we also find a segment with the guest Arnaud Soly, who must then read the answers prepared on his behalf by Martin Matte’s team. It is thus claimed that Arnaud hates the Breakfast Club and the host asks him for explanations. Arnaud must read: “Well, it seems obvious to me! You want to create a society of autonomous people, and the first thing you know is that they are not even capable of making toast at 7 years old!”

Martin Matte goes on to say that not all families have the means to provide their children with three meals a day. Arnaud laughingly reads the answer given to him: “Have anyone ever heard of intermittent fasting? You don’t eat between 9 a.m. and noon, it’s good for the system and it makes the crazy kids lose weight!”

It’s frankly funny and that sets the tone for the premiere on September 28, when Martin Matte will receive Patrick Huard in his very beautiful setting.

Collaborator Katherine Levac will also be there to break the ice. The other collaborators in the first season, which will include 10 shows, are Pierre Brassard, Daniel Grenier and Maude Landry.

In addition to stand-up numbers and surprises reserved for the guest of the week, Martin Matte livewhich is one of the most anticipated new features of the TV season, will offer humorous fiction The last link. Martin Matte will play “a ferry captain who is as intense as he is incompetent,” it was specified. The “crazy policewoman” plot will bring together Martin Drainville, Roy Dupuis, Marie-Lyne Joncas, Didier Lucien, Alexis Martin, Matthieu Pepper, Jean-François Provençal, Isabel Richer and Geneviève Schmidt.

The appointment Martin Matte live is produced by Encore Television, in collaboration with Quebecor Content. The broadcast begins on Thursday, September 28, around 8 p.m., on TVA. Everything is directed by Maxime Bissonnette-Théorêt and written by François Avard, Simon Delisle, Julien Corriveau and Justine Philie.

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