on the Vézère the canoes circulate but “it risks being critical” if it does not rain

“We can say that the Vézère is particularly low. We are today at the beginning of August at a level that we rarely find at the end of September of a very dry summer. However, we can still practice canoeing on the Vézère “, diagnoses William Dulluc. The manager of AVCK, Animation Vézère Canoë-Kayak in Les Eyzies, is sleeping soundly for the moment.

The level of the river may be very low, beyond the danger threshold according to the low water level data from Epidor, tourists can still circulate without problems on the Vézère. No need to put your feet in the water to pull the canoe. It’s even nicer, according to the manager: “There is less current, they can easily land on beaches for a picnic.” It is especially preferable to last year, when the navigation of the canoes was interrupted for several days because of a flood on the Dordogne and the Vézère.

“If it doesn’t rain, it could be critical”

But for how long ? “We are lucky to have springs that feed the Vézère on the Millevaches plateau and the foothills of the Massif Central, and the water is still flowing. But what will it be in a few weeks, if it’s not raining at all, it could be critical”.

“The Vézère is still stabilizing so far, at a level that is certainly low or even very low, but it is stabilizing”assures the manager of the canoe base: “Are we entering a new era where it will drop even more? I don’t know, I don’t hope. Everyone is waiting for the rain, for nature, for farmers, as for the river”.

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