On Russian television, more critical speeches towards the emerging military command



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The Kremlin promises to recover all the territories lost in the regions it recently annexed in Ukraine, but several television programs no longer hesitate to speak of military retreat, nor to criticize the strategy of the army.

The change in tone is obvious on Russian television, Wednesday, October 5. “SOn the Donbass front, which is now Russian territory, the situation is complicated“, declares for example a presenter, while a columnist explains that the Russians “are worried all terribly. We are very disappointed“. Very warm-hearted, talk shows usually show unbounded optimism about a Russian victory. But the capture of Lyman by the Ukrainian army has drawn criticism.

A woman, fierce support of Vladimir Putin, calls for those who do not understand the gravity of the situation to be thrown out. “If someone doesn’t understand that in the army, you have to go back to the starting point and replace those people. I am not calling for these people to be shot, like you, but they must be replaced and the causes of this situation investigated.n”, she believes. As for the mobilization decreed by Moscow, its effectiveness is sometimes questioned.

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