on “C à vous”, the sacred confidence of Vanessa Paradis on Serge Gainsbourg

This Tuesday, January 23, 2024, Vanessa Paradis was invited on the set of the show “C à vous” on France 5. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine began by congratulating her guest on the number of Victoires de la Musique that she won at the during her singing career. “You won seven, including three for the Female Artist of the Year award. The first time was February 3, 1990 and we may not remember it but during this ceremony, you paid homage to Serge Gainsbourg by performing La Javanaise”.

After reviewing the images of this event broadcast on the big screen, Vanessa Paradis remembered this sweet period. We note that Serge Gainsbourg had written an album for him called Variations on the same love you which was his second opus. “It was crazy, how lucky I was to live a few months alongside him, to share the studio with Serge Gainsbourg, to also share moments at his home. He was very paternal, very gentle, very elegant. It was wonderful. !”

Lily-Rose Depp’s mother then continued to explain how honored she was to work with this monument of French song: “I think I didn’t realize at the time how lucky it was to spend months by his side and to have a record signed by him… I realized but not as much as today” she concluded.
A perfect collaboration, much better than the one with a British singer who, in 1991, completely snubbed her during the Césars ceremony. An anecdote told recently to Nagui live on the set of the show Taratata.


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