Olivier Minne “favorite” of Sidonie Bonnec, what the host really thinks of his colleague

Become an unmissable daily meeting on France 2, “Everyone has a say” still fascinates viewers. It must be said that the duo at the animation of the program has a lot to do with it. Directed by Olivier Minne and Sidonie Bonnec, the game pits two teams against each other, each made up of a candidate supported by two personalities: comedians, actors, journalists, and even singers.

Between two questions of general culture, the duo of animators never ceases to titillate and amuse guests and viewers. Indeed, between Olivier Minne and Sidonie Bonnec, the chemistry has taken and everything is rolling between the two. The pretty blonde also admitted it in an interview with Closer in March. “In addition to being handsome, he is very cultured, very kind and a real gentleman. He’s a bit like my TV husband”she admitted before confessing her “feelings”: “We love each other very much, and with him, I feel comfortable. Our duo worked from the start, because we do not have an oversized ego”.

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Olivier Minne responds to his colleague, Sidonie Bonnec

A beautiful declaration of love, to which Olivier Minne had not yet responded… until this interview granted to Tele-Leisure. With our colleagues, the host admits: “Sidonie is one of the nice encounters caused by this job. We didn’t know each other before working together. It was an immediate crush and I admit that I am very happy to present this program to her..

Between, things got done “very naturally”and it has “created a symphonic duo!”. But what makes the success of “Everyone has a say” isn’t just their chemistry. “I’m not saying all games have to be two-person, but here, as we’re a gang, it was ideal. We are the station masters, but there are also our friends who are around the table and who co-host”specifies Olivier Minne, wishing to thank the people who surround him on a daily basis in the program.


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