Olivier Giroud talks about his daughter Jade’s problems: “It broke my heart a bit”

It is one of the soap operas of recent months with the French team and it seems that it is coming to an end. Olivier Giroud has gone from the status of indisputable holder in the team of Didier Deschamps to that of replacement during Euro 2021 and now he is no longer even called by the coach of the Blues. A descent in the hierarchy that began with the unexpected return of Karim Benzema just before the competition. Less comfortable in a replacement role, Jennifer’s companion made a few statements that created tensions within the team.

Now in Italy on the side of Milan, Olivier Giroud still hopes to be recalled to the France team, but in the meantime, he is releasing his autobiography, Always believe. A book for which he is currently on a promotional tour in France. Present on the set of C to you last night alongside Gad Elmaleh, the 35-year-old sportsman notably spoke about his family life. Married since 2011 to Jennifer, the forward is a fulfilled father with four children, Jade (born in 2013), Evan (born in 2016), Aaron (born in 2018) and Aria (born in 2020). Asked about her daughter Jade, who does not live well with her notoriety, the footballer reveals that this announcement was difficult for him to take. “It broke my heart a bit, finally it made me a little pang in the heart when she confessed that to us with my wife “, he reveals.

She will have to forge a strength of character a bit like her daddy

Little Jade is never quite sure how other children perceive her or if they are more interested in her father than in her, which worries her a little, as the host Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine explains in the preamble. “She will have to forge a strength of character a bit like her daddy and that she protects herself in relation to all that, to the notoriety and the media coverage of her father and I take care of it a lot “, concludes Olivier Giroud on the subject.

If Jade has any concerns, she now knows that she can count on her footballer dad to take care of her.

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