“Old fool”, Kelly Vedovelli returns to her statements about Jade and Joy Hallyday and gets annoyed

In January 2023, Kelly Vedovelli found herself at the heart of a heated controversy after criticizing, live on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”, Jade and Joy, the daughters of Laeticia and Johnny Hallyday. While Cyril Hanouna reported the criticism received by the two young girls from Internet users, Kelly Vedovelli then declared: “It’s the height of vulgarity! So we’ll say: ‘Kelly this, Kelly that…’ but Kelly is 32 years old, the little one is 14 years old. Go look for photos of me like that at 14 years old, ‘Hasn’t any!’.

And to add: “For me it’s super vulgar, with her tongue, her mouth, her tits, I find it extremely physically and psychologically violent, it’s not okay at all! “So what? Because it’s the new generation, do we have the right to be teupu? (“whore” backwards, editor’s note)”.

Enough to make you furious Laeticia Hallyday who responded by filing a complaint against the columnist for public insults. “There are things that are intolerable. Society is in judgment. There is a lot of hatred that has set in after Covid. We must protect our children from this. And unfortunately, they are also victims of social networks, because it’s their generation. It’s no longer the same generation as ours, there are codes that we don’t always understand. But what Joy experienced, at 14, was such violence! It’s my duty as a mother to protect my child, to protect her from all this injustice, it’s intolerable.” Johnny Hallyday’s widow then declared in the columns of a Belgian media, the day after the controversy.

This Tuesday, December 5, 2023, Kelly Vedovelli was faithful to her post on the set of Do not touch My TV but did not fail to publish a pretty photo of her taken backstage just before taking her place on set. This photo in which she appears in a metallic mini-skirt generated strong reactions and a multitude of comments praising her beauty.

Among the comments, however, were a few small criticisms including an Internet user who made a reference to the controversy concerning Jade and Joy. Very quickly, Kelly Vedovelli responded by throwing an “old joke” at the critically-minded Internet user.


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