“Not too many Arabs on the air”, a flagship columnist of “TPMP” lifts the veil on the terrible backstage of television!

It’s official ! The Soprano documentary is finally available on Disney+. In “A la vie, à la mort”, the rapper looks back on his debut on stage and the difficulties he encountered at the start of his career. In addition, it also touches on a more personal subject. That of his father and the way he reacted to his first title, “Le son des bandits”, sung with his group, Les Psy 4 de la rime. This project in collaboration with Mickey’s video-on-demand service is also an opportunity to discuss the racism he suffered in this shark environment.

“Not too many Arabs on the air”

A confidence that did not fail to react Guillaume Genton on the set of TPMP this Friday, June 17. ” I am not surprised by this testimony. Soprano, he started a career 25 years ago. Back then, rappers weren’t the rock stars they are today. They were seen as scum and unfriendly people. So we didn’t see them in the media. More generally, racism in the media, yes there is. I worked for a lot of programs where I was told not to put too many blacks on such a subject or not too many Arabs on the air, because that bothers me. It’s not so much the production companies that are racist. But we consider that TV is a mirror of society and the production companies and the channels believe that there is a large part of the population that is embarrassed and that is racist “.

For his part, Benjamin Castaldi also noted what his colleague was explaining. ” I will tell you what I experienced in a famous chain. During a meeting, it was said bluntly that there were either too many blacks, or too many Arabs and that it was necessary to Frenchify all that a little. That, I heard “. Words that left viewers in shock.


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