Norbert Tarayre shocks Faustine Bollaert by talking about breastfeeding and her son

Everything smiles at Norbert Tarayre

. After a notable passage in Top chef in 2012 during the third season, the chef has come a long way. A collaboration with the winner of his season, Jean Imbert, participation in numerous telecrochets, and recently taking up a position at the Prince of Wales… in short, a busy career.

Outside of his work, Norbert Tarayre is a father hen. Father of three girls, the fruit of his previous love with Amandine from whom he separated in 2020, he welcomed a little boy on June 7 of that same year: Elydjah. With Abi, his new partner, this is their first child. And despite the happiness that this arrival gives him, the former candidate of Top chef does not hide being jealous of his son at times.

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Faustine Bollaert, shocked by Norbert Tarayre

In any case, this is what he revealed this Monday, November 13, 2023 during his visit to It starts today. In front of
Faustine Bollaert, Norbert Tarayre
confessed : “It’s a boy, I was jealous, I said ‘another guy who’s going to love my girl, damn it, and my girl is going to love another guy than me’… I say honestly, even today I’m jealous”. But the “coup de grace” for the chef, it was when his wife told him she wanted to breastfeed.

“In my head… I don’t show, I’m not jealous, but I’m ultra-possessive”he said before Faustine Bollaert don’t cut it: “Here I am very afraid, are you going to say this sentence or not?” “Actually I said damn he’s still going to touch…”he continued while the host covered her ears to retort: “No no no no, not that, it’s ugly.” “Lactation, oh no, that’s mine.”finally recognized the former candidate of Top chef. Disappointed, Maxime Chattam’s companion told him: “Here he said it.”. Nothing to disconcert his guest. He continued and explained that Abi tried breastfeeding but a month later “that didn’t go well”. A “disappointment” which allowed him not to be too jealous of the situation…


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