Noémie (Love is in the meadow) unrecognizable: she reveals a very surprising photo

Mondays for M6 viewers have been synonymous with love since August 22. That day, the channel kicked off Love is in the meadow 2022. The opportunity for the public to find Noemie, a 25-year-old cereal farmer and suckler cow breeder from Bourgogne-Franche Comté who suffered because of the infidelities of her former companions. You can also follow his adventures on Instagram. On August 4, she posted a photo that did not go unnoticed.

During the filming of his portrait of Love is in the meadow, it is with short and blond hair that the youngest of the adventure appeared. A few months later, during the speed-dating and the rest of her adventure, it was with a short square cut and always the same color that her suitors were able to discover her. But in the past, Noémie had a very different hair style as she revealed on Instagram.

Some may have had trouble recognizing her and yet, it was she who posed smiling in the photo shared last night. At the time she was brunette, had longer, curly hair. “I miss my hair, can we read in the caption of the publication. A message accompanied by a crying emoji. Will it make her want to go to the hairdresser? Case to follow.

In the meantime, M6 viewers will be able to follow Noémie’s adventures in Love is in the meadow 2022 this Monday, September 5. Remember that during the speed-dating, she notably got to know Romain, a 27-year-old rugby player from Aisne and a salesman in the agricultural sector. If the young woman found it very interesting, she stuck on one detail: her size. “He is small huh“, she launched. She also met her crush from the mail, Gaël, a 31-year-old paramedic. Reserved and silent because of stress, he was also chosen to spend a few days on the farm. two men will take their first steps at her home on tonight’s show.

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