Noémie (Love is in the meadow): First night with Gaël, before a big turnaround (SPOILER)

In Love is in the meadowviewers can follow the adventures of Noemie. The young 25-year-old cereal had welcomed Romain and Gael home for a few days and, from the start, she made no secret of having had a strong crush on the second suitor. It was therefore very quickly that she made Romain understand that there would be nothing more than friendship between them.

Now alone, Noémie and Gaël were able to make the first rapprochement. In the episode expected on October 24 on M6, and already available on Salto, these two very shy people have even decided to go their first night together! And the next day, it was a real little couple that the cameras found, who did not hesitate to give each other several little kisses to say hello. But according to Noémie, not everything went exactly as she would have liked. “This first night went very well. There was the kiss and then afterwards… that’s all“, she said, remaining unsatisfied. Despite everything, it was a great moment for the youngest of the season: “It’s nice. It’s been four years since I kissed a boy seriously. So it’s not a kiss for nothing. With Gaël, I want to live simple moments, to be happy and to love our life.

He was deeper than me

But, hardly their couple formed that it was already so much to leave. Indeed, the stay at the farm has come to an end and Gaël had to pack up to return home, 400 kilometers from his beloved. It was only three weeks later that Karine Le Marchand was able to take stock with them. And to his surprise, the lovers had already parted. It was Noémie who made this decision during a weekend in Corrèze, organized by another farmer this season, Guillaume du Limousin. “On Friday, it went well and after Saturday, nothing. She didn’t calculate me too much all day, in the evening we talked and she told me the thing“, reported Gael.

Noémie later explained this reversal of the situation. “I had the impression that he was more into it than me. I wanted to take it easy, I told him several times and I don’t think he understood. And when we went down to Corrèze, on Saturday morning I got up and I was not well at all, he made me gestures of tenderness and it made me tense and I thought there was a problem.“A problem that she had already encountered with Romain, who was too nice for her taste and that she had therefore turned down. Which made Karine Le Marchand say that Noémie “love the machos“. An analysis that could only be confirmed by Noémie, unfortunately still too used to suffering in love.”I realized that I still had a lot of work to do on myself, to love myself before I let someone be there for me.“, she estimated. Thus, it is definitely over between them.

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