“No, you are not dreaming”, the incredible device put in place for the return of “Secret Story”

Nice surprise for RER users See you this Thursday, March 28, 2024. Indeed, against all expectations, they were not entitled to the traditional voice in the loudspeakers to announce the station in which they were located or in which direction they were going. Instead, it was Dominique Duforest who announced the information to them.

If this name doesn’t mean anything to you, it nevertheless speaks to all fans of Secret Story. Indeed, he is none other than the famous Voice of the program hosted by Benjamin Castaldi before Christophe Beaugrand succeeded him.

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The return of the cult show

TF1 recently confirmed the return of the cult program without revealing a broadcast date. No matter, communication has already started. The proof, with the Voice announcements in the RER A but also on board the automatic shuttles of lines 1, 4 and 14 this Thursday. “The message gives a ‘mission’ to travelers, that of taking care of their luggage, before announcing the upcoming return of the show”indicate our colleagues from France Blue.

Enough to surprise travelers who were quick to report the surprise on social networks. “Is it me who is not awake or the RATP announcements from @RER_A to the nation are made by the voice of secret story????”, “Not the voice of Secret Story which made an announcement at Auber station . No I really would have heard everything lol”, “GUYS I’M AT THE STATION C NOT THEY HAVE MADE AN ANNOUNCEMENT IN SECRET STORY MODE…. Dsl but does that mean that the best show is back soon or not?”, “Whaaaat? I just heard at Gare de Lyon, La Voix speaking in the station loudspeakers and saying “Here is La Voix, I’m coming to announce the soon return of Secret Story, that’s all for the moment” lol”many Internet users rejoiced.

Dominique Duforest addresses travelers

And they obviously didn’t dream. Indeed, the official account of La Voix de Secret Story responded to some X users immediately: “Here’s the Voice, no you’re not dreaming. Listen to my announcements carefully. That’s all for now”, “Here’s the Voice, the Voice thinks you have good taste Kady. That’s all for now”.

Users should listen carefully to announcements. Who knows, Dominique Duforest could well announce the official date of the return of Secret Story between two stations.

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