No, these men are not Tutsis hunted down by Congolese!



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While violence has intensified in recent weeks between the Congolese army and the armed group M 23, cases of disinformation are multiplying and contributing to further strain the political climate between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tensions have been high since the end of May between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kinshasa accuses Kigali of supporting the former Tutsi rebellion of M 23 who regularly fights the Congolese army. Support denied by the Rwandan authorities.

It is in this stormy political and security context that the disinformation operated on social networks adds fuel to the fire. The cases, on one side as on the other, are legion.

Thus, in this episode, a video purports to show Tutsis being chased by Congolese with machetes. In the publications, Internet users draw a parallel with the beginnings of a genocide, in reference to that of 1994.

If the scene in question certainly takes place in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, it is in fact a battle last January between “Kuluna”, street gangs who clash very often.

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