No One Will Save You | Amazing alien invasion

An isolated young woman must defend herself when aliens enter her country home.

The premise of No One Will Save You is rather classic. His treatment is very original.

A young woman lives alone in a beautiful house in the middle of nowhere. A past event causes her to be ostracized by residents of her community. Her rare visits to the village remind her that she has still not been forgiven.

In solitude, Brynn Adams (Kaitlyn Dever) keeps busy: she reads, cooks, makes and sells things. Her collection of dollhouses takes up almost the entire living room and her heart. Her rotary phone, clothing, and musical tastes indicate that she would have preferred to live in a different era.

The first 10 minutes of the film have not yet passed when the protagonist’s cloistered daily life turns into a nightmare. Aliens arrive in the middle of the night. While most works of the genre take their time revealing the dangerous creatures, Brian Duffield (Spontaneous, Love and Monsters) exposes them without hesitation.

While creating an atmosphere that makes you afraid to be afraid is a proven mechanism, showing a character’s fear and experiencing it vicariously is almost refreshing. Especially when we are treated to a performance as convincing as that of Kaitlyn Dever. The most amazing thing is that the actress seen in Booksmart And Rosaline completes the task without saying a word, or almost. His silence is not linked to the threat, like A Quiet Place ; she does not speak, because she has no one to communicate her distress to, and has not done so for years.

Behind the camera for the second time, Brian Duffield – and cinematographer Aaron Morton – films the action beautifully thanks, among other things, to long shots and excellent use of light, particularly indoors. of the House.

Most of the American filmmaker’s scripts are full of humor and lightness despite often horrifying situations. That is not the case here. No One Will Save You is intense and unpredictable. Until the last scene.

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No One Will Save You


No One Will Save You
(v. f.: Hunted)

Brian Duffield

With Kaitlyn Dever, Geraldine Singer, Dane Rhodes

1:33 a.m.
On Disney+


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