“No, no, it’s complicated, we can’t get into that,” Cyril Hanouna forced to urgently cut off Nès, Christophe Dechavanne’s ex

Lies, revelations, harassment, … This Monday March 4, 2024, Cyril Hanouna

and his team were closely interested in Christophe Dechavanne. For the occasion, the PAF troublemaker received Nès, the former companion of the host, on the set of Do not touch My TV.

As a reminder, the latter recently accused her ex-partner of having adopted inappropriate and humiliating behavior. She also describes him as a man who “speaks badly, can whistle at people, hurt people by making fun of them, be acrimonious, scream because he can’t be wrong. And the next day, he brings flowers, gifts.” Allegations that the person concerned denied outright in front of the cameras of Daily.

For her part, Nès seemed ready to reveal everything. However, as she was preparing to address a particularly delicate subject, the C8 star did not fail to intervene. “No, no, no, we’re not going to go in there.”, he called to the attention of his guest. And to continue: “It’s complicated, we can’t get into that, it’s not our problem.

After interrupting Nès’ story, Cyril Hanouna took over the reins of his show. A program which once again aroused strong reactions. One thing is certain, it is that Christophe Dechavanne is angry with his counterpart since he offered a platform to his ex-partner without allowing him to present his own version of the facts.

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“It’s totalitarianism”

Guest of Yann Barthès on the set of Daily on March 1, Léa Salamé’s acolyte had already pointed out the passage of Nès in Facing Hanouna. “All of a sudden on TV, there are no more rules, no more respect, no more veil between the private sphere and public life. It’s totalitarianism“, he lamented.

“I congratulated him […] because he had just done something revolutionary, never seen on TV. He, a famous host, invited an unknown woman who stayed for eight weeks, with small breaks, ten weeks in total, with a man to come on television, without any contradiction, to roll out a carpet that is not red. , about another host who lives, who exists, who is a man he has known for 30 years”. Between the two men, war is declared!


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