Nikos Aliagas, overwhelmed between “The Voice” and the “Star Academy”? His choice is made!

It has already been almost a year since the star Academy

returned to our screens to the delight of viewers! Indeed, after 15 years of absence on the air from TF1, the famous hook which revealed Nolwenn Leroy Jenifer, Magali Vaé, and even Sofia Essaïdi made its return last year!

A big come back successful… As proof, at the end of 2023, sixteen candidates aged 18 to 25 will enter the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys from Saturday November 4. A new season in which Adeline Toniutti (singing), Coach Joe (sport) and Pierre de Brauer (theater) will be back, as will director Michael Goldman… However, other teachers who distinguished themselves in the previous season will not be not there! Laure Ballon and Yanis Marshall have indeed left the ship… But what about Nikos Aliagas, the illustrious presenter of telecrochet since his debut on TF1 in the 2000s.

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“My only fear”

During an interview given to our colleagues from Diverto

Nikos Aliagas returned to the success of the star Academy : “We saw to what extent the Star Academy had impacted society, to what extent it was part of several generations”he first declared.

“When I was offered Star Academy, my only fear was whether I could do both and whether this return would hurt The Voice. In the end, there is room for both. They are different shows in the score, The Voice is more in the present moment and Star Ac takes its time to settle in”subsequently confided the one who left the show 50’Inside at the start of the school year.

Enough to reassure them in the Star Academy, Nikos Aliagas does not seem ready to give up presenting this telehook: “I owe a lot to this show, it is my link with the public and it served my apprenticeship in the role of host. As long as I have fun, as I interest the public, there is a reason to continue. I’ve been presenting the show since it started, in 2001, and I don’t plan to stop there. It’s the logical continuation, for many more seasons, I hope.”. We hope too!


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