new break-in attempt at his home, strange discovery on his window

The calm of the Parisian night was disturbed by a worrying incident.
Anne-Sophie Lapix
famous presenter of the France 2 television news, was the victim of a new break-in attempt at her home located in the 16th arrondissement, as revealed by BFMTV.

It was around 10 p.m., this Thursday, February 29, 2024, that the alert was given. The journalist immediately contacted the authorities after discovering suspicious marks on a window in his room.

The details of this intrusion remain unclear. The journalist clarified that she could not determine with certainty how long these traces had been present. Law enforcement responded quickly, dispatching a team to the scene. Forensic specialists were mobilized to take samples in the hope of finding clues such as genetic traces or fingerprints, allowing the perpetrators to be identified.

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A first burglary last January

The seriousness of the situation led the 16th arrondissement police station to take charge of the investigation. The authorities are determined to clarify this incident and provide answers to Anne-Sophie Lapix as well as the local community, concerned by this series of events.

This new break-in attempt is unfortunately not an isolated incident for the presenter. In fact, his home had already been the scene of an attempted burglary on January 21. At the time, five suspects were apprehended shortly after the facts, before being indicted and imprisoned. This recurrence raises questions about security in this upscale district of the capital, but also about the vulnerability of public figures to intrusions.

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