“Neither hot nor cold”, TF1 cancels the “Star Academy” daily, Héléna reacts and encourages people to watch Candice’s vlogs

After the enormous success of the last edition of the star Academy, TF1 had the ingenious idea of ​​giving even more to the fans. In fact, the first channel planned to broadcast daily news on TFX And TF1+ in order to follow the daily lives of Pierre, Héléna, Julien, Candice, Axel, Lénie, and even Djébril, during the tour.

But an Endemol representative revealed in mid-March that the project was ultimately abandoned. “We have decided to abandon the daily project behind the scenes of the Star Academy tour”he indicated to the Parisian before providing additional information: “This is the start of a great and first artistic adventure for the students, the pace of which will be very intense. With more than 70 dates over the next four months, the students need to concentrate 100% on this tour and in parallel, their solo project”.

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The daily newspapers of the canceled tour, Héléna is not saddened

Although discussions have been initiated with tour members
“to think about different avenues around a possible format on the tour”, it seems that the idea has been abandoned. Nothing to sadden the candidates of the program hosted by Nikos Aliagas, quite the contrary.

Indeed, in the columns of Ciné Télé Revue

, Helena was asked to react to this announcement. “TF1 issued a press release to explain their reasons”she recalled before ensuring: “then Candice’s vlogs (available on YouTube), that’s more than enough for us”.

On the other hand, the interpreter of the title Loved for real assures that having a camera following her and her comrades would not have bothered her more than that. Indeed, she recalls that academicians have been accustomed “to have cameras for three months” and that the broadcast 50’Inside“came to report on the tour”. “It was nice… the presence of a camera is neither hot nor cold”she finally assures.

Whether a special daily tour sees the light of day or not, it doesn’t seem to affect any more Helena that and should not have any impact on the artists’ performances during the tour.


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