NDP Congress in British Columbia | Jagmeet Singh attacks liberals and conservatives

(Victoria) Federal New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh fired arrows at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre on Sunday during a convention for the Prime Minister of Colombia’s NDP -British, David Eby.

Mr. Singh, whose New Democrats struck a trust and support agreement with the minority Liberal federal government, says Mr. Trudeau is an out-of-touch leader who only acts when faced with unrest policies.

He added that Mr. Poilievre, on the other hand, did not know the struggles and lives of ordinary people and only pretended to care.

British Columbia New Democrats are in Victoria this weekend to debate policy and strategy ahead of next year’s provincial election.

Mr. Singh said federal New Democrats are pushing the Liberal government to implement a dental coverage program for all Canadians and will continue to fight for a universal pharmacare program that will cover the costs prescriptions for everyone.

He described his collaboration with the federal Liberals as “fighting eels dipped in oil.”

Outside the convention hall, about 100 demonstrators shouted “Free Palestine,” some lying silently on the ground, covered in white sheets stained red.

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