naked as a worm for a big rant

He decided to fall on top, but also on the bottom. And this, for a good cause. Indeed, Calogero

unveiled the video for his new single Just a song, this Monday, February 26, 2024. A clip which caused a strong reaction and for good reason, the 52-year-old artist appears naked as a worm in numerous sequences of the video. But why did he decide to appear like this?

He partly gave the answer to our colleagues at Purecharts during an interview several days ago. In his piece Just a song, Calogero denounces in particular the lack of ambition of those in the music industry for the development of artists.

“Musical youth is magnificent”he initially assures before giving the reason for his rant: “What I deplore is that at the time, the record companies were crazy, they supported the artists, they were passionate about music, and now… Today, as inevitably, the records work less and the streams are not yet very established, they are saving money. As a result, they no longer give artists the means. We must give ourselves the means to support the artists’ dreams”.

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Calogero strips naked to give a rant

In the clip for the song “coup de rant”, we can therefore find Calogero in the shoes of a bassist who seeks glory. To achieve this, he will therefore give his body, and his soul, to a team specialized in the field which will allow him to become popular. But to do this, the artist must agree to all their requests.

The “bass player”, for example, dons a mustache and a hat at the request of his team, before being forced to wear a tight-fitting red latex suit. But he also agrees to get naked in order to facilitate the sales of collector’s editions of his records. This rant aims to denounce the comparison of today’s artists to simple products or merchandise by certain players in the music industry.


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