Nabilla speaks out and sets things straight!

Nabilla Vergara and Léna Mahfouf did they push Cristina Cordula towards the exit ? This Friday, September 29, 2023, present at Paris Fashion Week, Cristina Cordula experienced a sad disillusionment: while she posed in front of the photographers posted in front of the entrances and exits, the host of Dressing Challenge on M6 was asked to give up her place to the two influencers followed, between them, by more than 13 million fans on Instagram. Difficult for Cristina Cordula to compete, but the host was probably bitter, given the videos that quickly went viral on social networks, and in which we see the Brazilian quite annoyedand slippery A“Ah well here” bitterbefore leaving and leaving his place, constrained and forced.

On X (formerly Twitter), Nabilla Vergara wanted to respond to this little controversy, which was massively commented on on social networks. The wife of Thomas Vergara, made famous by her participation in Love is blind, Angels Then Hello Nabillapaid tribute to the successful modeling career of Cristina Cordula, known in France for her services as a television host within the M6 ​​group: “VS’is a very nice and beautiful friend” assured the thirty-year-old, pointing a wrong interpretation” of the comments she made and the annoyance that many Internet users attributed to her.

It must be said that the outfits chosen by Nabilla Vergara and Léna Mahfouf undoubtedly hit the mark, and were the most commented on and photographed. If Nabilla opted for a long bright white tweed jacket, matched with a barely perceptible fine voile skirt, sober white pumps and a bright black lipstick, her friend Léna Mahfouf surprised the whole of Vendôme, by ‘displaying with a transparent outfit revealing a small part of her chestbut covered with a loose, anthracite jacket.

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