Nabilla sexy in her underwear: photo of her figure almost found, mixed reactions

Proud of this little body that made two beautiful boys“. Since she gave birth to her second child, Leyann born on June 5, Nabilla has been on her little cloud. Her family is finally complete. Still as active on her social networks, she regularly reveals intimate moments with her family. but above all, she shares her path to regain her figure.Very comfortable with her body and the pounds of pregnancy she still has to lose, the pretty 30-year-old brunette does not hesitate to reveal herself in underwear. However, Thomas Vergara’s wife has already lost a lot of weight and even has a flat stomach, a great victory, although she explains that she does not want to put pressure on herself to regain her former body.

Through her last publication on Instagram posted on Wednesday June 29, Nabilla precisely advocates self-acceptance, confiding in loving everything about her, even what could make her complex. “I am gradually finding my figure. I’m not in such a hurry unlike my first pregnancy, I take my time, I feel good and maybe I won’t have my old body completely like before but I don’t care ! I love my little stretch marks, I love my cellulite and I’m proud to have given life to two beautiful boys who fill me with happiness! Moms you are beautiful, incredibly beautiful, be proud“, she said.

A positive message that was greatly appreciated by Internet users. Some, however, regretted the choice of Nabilla to post a photo of her probably retouched, on which it is very difficult to see the stretch marks and the cellulite of which she speaks. “Show us your cellulite and your stretch marks to reassure us precisely“, “If you love yourself so much with these flaws that make us women, real women, not barbies … post natural photos, without Photoshop, where the skin is not lifted, smoothed“, “With a body like that, you can only be body positive, huh… You don’t see any stretch marks or cellulite or even an extra ounce of fat…“, can we read in the comments.

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