“Nabilla no longer gives me the time”, Fred from “Apprentis aventuriers” lets go

The war between Nabilla

And Fred of the Angels will she rage? In 2022, already, the one who is currently participating in the show The Apprentice Adventurers on W9, mentioned the companion of Thomas Vergara. It was during the filming of the show An almost perfect dinnerthat the reality TV candidate made a strange revelation to Afida Turner, Cindy Lopes, Vincent Mc Doom, Brandon and Kamel, also candidates for the group’s channel program M6. In front of them, Fred assured that Nabilla owes him her success.

“It’s thanks to me that she created the buzz. Everyone know… The whole of France… If I hadn’t written ‘shampoo and conditioner’ on my shopping list before leaving, that would never have existed! She would never have had this buzz”, she had fun revealing. After hearing this statement, Kamel, not really convinced, did not hesitate to reframe it. “It’s not because you thought of shampoo that you gave him a buzz! Don’t make up too much!”he told her before the main interested party defended herself: “Without wanting to be pretentious, it seems to me that I am a little at the origin of the phenomenon Nabilla.

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Fred puts it back on Nabilla

But if she is really at the origin of the buzz for Thomas Vergara’s partner, that does not seem to have helped her maintain a good relationship with the latter. Indeed, this Wednesday February 7, 2024, Fred had fun following the current trend on TikTok which pushes users to give their name, add “so… obviously” afterwards, and complete a sentence. During this trend, the candidate of Apprentice Adventurers made a strange revelation.

“I’m the trend. So I’m Fred des Anges, and obviously Nabilla no longer gives me the time, she said on camera without really saying more about the situation. In addition to having mentioned Nabilla, Fred also revealed that she had to deal with “of little Saint Bernard Angel for two and a half years”or that she only knew Kim Kardashian in 2013, when she participated in the Reality TV Angels on NRJ12.


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