Nabilla and Thomas Vergara provoke Sofiane Tadjine by listening to “Crazy about you” during their vacation in Thailand, he violently clashes with them

“Crazy, crazy, crazy about you Nabi-Nabilla”. It did not take less to put this cult song in your head. Despite the fact that it is starting to date, this piece by Sofiane Tadjine intended for Nabilla, her ex at the time, written in 2012 during the filming of “Angels of reality TV 4” does not seem to have been forgotten, although on the contrary. A real hit when it was released, the title was taken up in many parties and this allowed Sofiane Tadjine to surf on a huge buzz, but perhaps not as much as the famous “Hello” of the one who will become a mother for the second time. in the coming months.

However, the former “Star Academy” candidate does not seem to really appreciate when Thomas Vergara “has fun” on this song during his stay in Thailand with Nabilla. Milann’s dad posting a video on Instagram in which we can see him dancing to the words of his girlfriend’s ex, around a swimming pool. A sequence that does not seem to have appreciated his darling. “Why did you put on that music?. I’m going to kill him. […] Remove this music. He does everything to piss me off”, she launched to the man of her life. Sofiane Tadjine, meanwhile, discovering the video in question this Monday, February 7, was quick to react and challenge the couple. “Y wrote 2022. To each his classics. H24 in the sun in an Urus or on the moon. He ruminates. Even Sunday, day of rest”he let go at first before including his son Neo in the “discussion”: “There is auntie Nabilla who is still buzzing, who talks about the old song. What do you want to say to him my son? To keep fishing?”

The adorable little boy responding to his dad by retorting “to keep the…” before ending his intervention by imitating the sound of a fart with his mouth as noted by our colleagues from Purepeople. Sofiane Tadjine concludes her video by launching: “the truth always comes out of children’s mouths it seems”. It remains to be seen the couple will react to this tackle…


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