Nabilla, 350,000 euros per month? Hilarious, Simon Castaldi makes a story that speaks volumes!

A sum that makes you dream. On April 17, 2022, Cyril Hanouna revealed Nabilla’s salary on the set of Do not touch My TV. According to the troublemaker of the PAF, the influencer and ex-reality TV candidate earns on average “350,000 euros per month”. An indecent figure for Danielle Moreau. In shock, the famous columnist was indignant live. “It’s 20 years of SMIC (minimum wage for growth, editor’s note)”she had launched before adding that “no one deserves that”. “Above a certain amount, we take everything”, she added. Words that elicited strong reactions.

Shocked by the statements of his colleague, Matthieu Delormeau had not hesitated to confront her. “The amount you take there for 3 hours of TPMP is it not indecent?”, he had asked her. “And yet he doesn’t bother you anyway, it’s fine. You take him anyway, don’t you?”

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“In France, people are jealous”

Visibly amused by this heated conversation, Simon Castaldi shared the sequence on his Instagram account by adding hilarious emojis. A post that did not fail to react to Internet users who, to the chagrin of Danielle Moreau, came to the defense of the wife of Thomas Vergara.

“To each their own life, If someone earns €350,000 a month, well done, congratulations”, “I don’t understand why people have so much hatred for people who earn a good living? You want the same bah coals and you maybe get there one day, right?”, “It’s no coincidence, if it’s so easy, we just have to do the same. And then it’s not their fault if they are well paid. It’s a fair return on the earnings of the shows. It’s not all a question of merit, but a fair return of things”, “In France, people are jealous! So much the better if people have under and a woman who is not known as she can also earn this sum!”, “It’s jealousy that speaks”, “But she’s right Nabilla if she wins that good for her that she puts aside , she steered her boat well no matter what people say”, could we read in the comments. A bad buzz for Cyril Hanouna’s protege…


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