“My lawyers are working on it, it’s in progress,” says Rima Hassan about a possible appeal

The Northern prefecture banned the new La France insoumise conference on Palestine, which had been relocated.



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Rima Hassan, Franco-Palestinian activist Rima Hassan and LFI candidate for the European elections during a conference in Montpellier (Hérault), April 14, 2024. (PASCAL GUYOT / AFP)

“It’s in progress, my lawyers and the lawyers from La France insoumise are working on it”declared Thursday April 18 on franceinfo the Franco-Palestinian activist Rima Hassan and LFI candidate for the European elections, after the ban by the Northern prefecture of a conference by Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Rima Hassan on Palestine in Lille, the prefecture citing a risk of “disturbance of public order”.

Rima Hassan denounced “the pressures” suffered by the University of Lille, which also canceled this conference on Wednesday. “The presidency of the University of Lille pointed out these pressures in its press release and said that it regrets having been subjected to this political pressure”.

According to the activist, the subject of the Middle East is “eminently political” : “What I am pointing out is intellectual laziness. My comments are systematically caricatured. I have been suffering from this for many months”she regrets. “Even though I do a job which consists of sourcing my positions, referring to United Nations positions, I am systematically caricatured to be disqualified.”

“It is important to remain courageous on this subject and to denounce what there is to denounce, namely a genocide”she finished.

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