Music: the event release of Britney Spears’ autobiography


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Music: the event release of Britney Spears’ autobiography

Music: the event release of Britney Spears’ autobiography – (France 2)

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France 2 – J. Poissonnier, J. Lonchampt, V. Gaget, A. Dupont, S. Testor, N. Hostiou, B. Coene, L. Hauville

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Britney Spears fans were impatiently waiting for it. Since Tuesday October 24, the singer’s autobiography has been available in bookstores. A look back at the star’s career.

Since Tuesday October 24, the window of a Parisian bookseller has been completely devoted to the autobiography of Britney Spears. A bookseller is an unconditional fan. She dressed for the occasion and brought her personal items. The book has a print run of 150,000 copies in France. It already arouses curiosity. “I would like to discover his life”assures a young woman. At 41, Britney Spears shares her story: the trajectory of a star broken by fame.

Fragile mental health

Spotted by Disney at the age of 10, she became a global icon as a teenager. She fills the stadiums and does not cope well with his ascent dazzling. In her book, she denies rumors of drug addiction, but she confides that she almost lost control of her body. Her boyfriend of the time, Justin Timberlakeallegedly asked her to have an abortion. In 2007, she shaved her head to protest against media harassment. In 2008, she was placed under guardianship by her father. Thirteen years later, the measure was lifted, after a resounding trial. Since then, his health mentally worried His fans.

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