Muriel Robin destroyed by one of the most famous female politicians after her speech on homophobia in cinema!

Saturday September 16, 2023, Muriel Robin was Léa Salamé’s guest on the show What an era. During this interview, the actress discussed her latest theatrical project and discussed the challenges she encountered throughout her film career. She notably emphasized that her homosexuality had been an obstacle to her success in the seventh art. “I am the only actress in the world to say she is homosexual and that’s why I didn’t make films”she confided, adding: “Jodie Foster was silent for 30 years, Kristen Stewart was first with Robert Pattinson, so her homosexuality is a bit rock. In the cinema we are worthless. When you are homosexual, you are not desirable.”Statements which provoked strong reactions.

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Muriel Robin atomized

For Dominique Besnehard, his former agent, it is only a matter of “his feeling”. “I think what she says is stronger than reality,” he explained during his visit to the Buzz TV this Monday, September 18, 2023. And to continue: “She was making a career as a comedy character. The time she tried to do something else, she had made a film, I was her agent at the time, people didn’t want to see her in films yet. dramatic characters. Maybe physically she wasn’t as fulfilled as she is now.” According to the producer,That’s not why it didn’t film.”

An opinion shared by Isabelle Balkany. Outraged by Muriel Robin’s comments on France 2, the famous politician wanted to respond to the actress. ‘We must tell young homosexual actors that they will not be able to have a career in cinema…’ says Muriel Robin Fortunately, Jean Marais or Jacques Charon did not listen to her… But they had talent!”she wrote on her social networks while sharing the portraits of the actors mentioned above. Atmosphere…


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