Murder for a love triangle: the accused offered $500 to a close friend to hide a gun

The construction worker accused of shooting and stabbing his ex-business partner over a love triangle affair in Blainville allegedly asked another friend after the murder to get rid of a gun and a vehicle in exchange for $500.

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“Simon [Décarie]he was like a brother to me, I was ready to do anything for him,” Kenny-Harley Smith-Cyr bluntly admitted at the Saint-Jérôme courthouse.

He testified today at the jury trial of Simon Décarie. The 29-year-old man is accused of premeditated murder for stabbing and opening fire on his friend Maxime Villeneuve on October 6, 2021, in his apartment in Blainville.

That night, Kenny-Harley Smith-Cyr received calls from his great friend and boss in the construction field, who allegedly said to him: “I did what I had to do.” By text message, Décarie also allegedly told him: “If it wasn’t me who got it, the shot got it.”

Then, the accused’s brother, Brian Décarie, allegedly asked him to call him if he wanted to make money. He was offered $500 to “hide a firearm and the vehicle” of Simon Décarie, a black Mazda3.

Ready for everything

Mr. Smith-Cyr makes no secret of it: at the time, he was in and out of prison, he was using and above all, he was ready to do anything to buy drugs. He therefore went to rue des Pommiers, in Blainville.

He was also asked to look in the cedar hedge to see if he could find anything else. At this location, the police found a knife.

The knife seized by investigators near a cedar hedge on rue des Pommiers, in Blainville.


Kenny-Harley Smith-Cyr did not have time to proceed. He was standing nervously next to the vehicle when he finally received a call from a Sûreté du Québec investigator who asked him to come and meet him. “In my head, I was fooled,” he recalled to the jury.

He had also agreed to provide this service to his best friend because he feared that his DNA would be found on the weapon, he admitted during his testimony. A few days before the murder, he had gone into a wood with Simon Décarie to shoot rifles at targets. Images of this shooting session were also presented to the jury last week.

Last January, Mr. Smith-Cyr handed investigators a cartridge that he had kept as a memento of that day.

Fear of incriminating yourself

During a first interrogation with the SQ, he remembers having initially “hid the truth”. “They wanted to accuse me of accessory after the fact. I was extremely afraid of incriminating myself. To return to prison,” he explains.

He finally decided to be “on the right side of the law for once” and tell everything to investigators.

Stage photo

The suspect’s vehicle seized by the police, in which a firearm was found.


The police had seized a rifle in the trunk of the vehicle, found on rue des Pommiers.

Stage photo

A firearm was found in the suspect’s Mazda3.


In the evening before being killed, Maxime Villeneuve had sent a text message to his friend Simon Décarie asking him for forgiveness since he had started seeing his ex-girlfriend, Maïté Hébert.

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