Mr. Pokora very affected by the announcement of Caroline Receveur, just like Faustine Bollaert, Iris Mittenaere and Marine Lorphelin!

several weeks ago, Caroline Receiver surprised her community when she announced the cessation of her business in order to “reconnect to the important things”. An announcement that did not fail to surprise his fans, worried about their idol. Faced with the concern of its subscribers, the ex-candidate of Secret Story quickly spoke to try to reassure them: “Know that despite everything, I’m fine. Hugo’s unfailing strength, love and optimism [son mari : ndlr] make me apprehend each step with more lightness and laughter”.

But this Tuesday, July 25, 2023, the mother of Marlon, the fruit of her love with Hugo Philip and born on July 6, 2018, finally decided that it was time to tell the truth. In a post on Instagram, the 35-year-old influencer appeared with a shaved head “to the hospital” to make a terrible announcement… “Today, Tuesday July 25, 2023 I am in the hospital. One week after receiving my 2nd cycle of chemotherapy, my body (and my mind) is dehydrated”she writes at first to announce that she is suffering from breast cancer.

Caroline Receiver sick, she could no longer keep the “secret”

Today, Caroline Receiver feels “empty”. She says she has “lost the taste of food and a bit of life too”. She admits it in her own words, she wanted to keep “this secret”but the very difficult period she is going through prevents her from doing so. “Facing this ordeal alone finally cuts me off from the rest of the world and adds weight to my daily life”, she acknowledges. In the rest of her writings, Hugo Philip’s companion explains that she learned of the diagnosis there “two months”but her breast cancer, despite her side “aggressive”been “detected at an early stage”.

Marlon’s mom claims to be in good hands and promises to keep her fans informed as she can about his state of health. In this difficult period, she will be able to count on the support of many personalities. Indeed, a few hours after his announcement, singers, animators or even ex-Miss France wanted to give him strength.

M. Pokora, Faustine Bollaert, Iris Mittenaere… they think a lot of Caroline Receveur

The proof, with Mr. Pokora who commented on the publication of Caroline Receiver with a praying emoji and a heart. Faustine Bollaert, for her part, let it be known that she was thinking of her and that she was sure that she would win the “battle”. “I send you all my courage and affection”, she tenderly addressed to him. While Iris Mittenaere welcomed the “warrior” what is Hugo Philip’s companion and that Marine Lorphelin also provided support in this “terrible ordeal of life”.


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