MP Rachel Keke celebrates one year in the Assembly



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C. Dewaegeneire, B. Véran, L.Harper, C. Brunet, D.Aysun – France 3

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In June 2022, Rachel Keke was elected deputy and took her first steps in the National Assembly. For the occasion, the 12/13 teams met him.

Like a homecoming, a year after her election, MP Rachel Keke returns to her Ibis Batignolles hotel in Paris, where it all began. His first fight, Rachel Keke leads him in 2019 against the Accor group. The maids entered the struggle for 22 months and they obtained a first salary victory. Only for her, this is only the beginning of the beautiful story, in June 2022, the former employee is elected deputy in the group of La France Insoumise.

Carry the voice of “the voiceless”

Since then, almost nothing has changed… “When we are in the hemicycle we often finish at midnight. […] It’s still tiring, but it’s still better there than here [à l’hôtel]”, she says. In his constituency in the Parisian suburbs, his voters identify with the singular journey of Rachel Keke. “He is someone who has the value of work”, assures a voter. Going into contact is a formality for the MP, but above all a way to keep her feet on the ground. Carrying the voice of “the voiceless” at the Palais Bourbon is not always easy for those who have not studied and who sometimes struggle to impose themselves.

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