more than 300,000 people applied to volunteer during the Olympics

Launched at the end of March, the campaign to volunteer ended Wednesday evening at midnight. With success. But there will only be 45,000 elected.

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The Paris 2024 Olympics mascot, April 3, 2023. (ARIE BOTBOL / HANS LUCAS / AFP)

Never had France sought so many volunteers for a sporting event. And the organization will be spoiled for choice: more than 300,000 people have sent in their application to volunteer during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The first recruitment phase, opened in March, ended Wednesday May 3 at midnight .

Now charge the organizing committee to go through the files, in search of the 45,000 elected. “There will be disappointed. We will identify profiles in line with our needs”explains Alexandre Morenon-Condé, head of the volunteer program for Paris 2024. The mission of these volunteers: to welcome visitors, distribute equipment or even assist athletes.

In detail, the 101 French departments are represented among the applications, a third of them come from people under 25 and there are slightly more women (55%) than men. Finally, more than 3,000 people declare themselves to be disabled. All must be over 18, speak at least French or English and be available for at least 10 days, during the Olympic or Paralympic Games.

The volunteers definitely known in September

For these volunteers, Paris 2024 will make public transport free and will pay for meals. However, accommodation will remain at the candidate’s expense. This did not prevent requests from 190 countries. “We are surprised by the international enthusiasm but we are delighted. It shows the appeal of the games, the appeal of Paris”rejoices Alexandre Morenon-Condé.

The 45,000 selected volunteers will be known from September. But some will be called during the summer to participate in test events, such as sailing in Marseille or the triathlon in Paris.

Paris 2024 also plans to keep a few hundred people in reserve against the risk of withdrawals and especially false volunteers, linked to the “involuntary” counter-campaign launched on social networks. The objective of this operation was to register and integrate the teams of volunteers so as to end up not showing up or disrupting the Games from the inside. The situation does not worry Alexandre Morenon-Condé: “Through the selection process, we will ensure that the candidates really want to wear the colors of Paris 2024. All volunteers will be accredited, in the same way as those who will work in the organization of the Games, and will be subject to an administrative investigation by the State services.”

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