More teachers than expected at the start of the 2024 school year, France leaves Niger and 2023 on social networks… Those informed on Friday December 22

Around Bérengère Bonte, those informed debate the news of Friday December 22, 2023.


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Bérengère Bonte presents the informed on October 27, 2023. (franceinfo)

The themes :

The Minister of National Education Gabriel Attal announced that the reduction in the number of teachers initially planned for the 2024 budget is canceled to allow a better rate of supervision of students by teachers as part of the so-called “shock of knowledge” reform. Budgeted positions despite the lack of attractiveness of the teaching profession. Does the implementation of level groups continue to cause concern?

In Niger, the last soldiers left the country this Friday. Furthermore, France announces to close its embassy in Niamey “for an indefinite period”. What state of mind are the French forces in? How do Europeans and Americans plan to prevent the Russians from filling the void on their own?

95% of the French population is present on social networks. What are the topics that marked the year?

The informed:

Alexandra Saviana, journalist at The Express

Véronique Reille-Soult, president of Backbone Consulting, lecturer in crisis communications at Sciences Po, author of Ultimate Power, the hidden face of social networkspublished by Cerf

Marie-Estelle Pechcompany editor-in-chief at Marianne

Seidik Abba, president of the international center for reflection and studies on the Sahel


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