Monday Night Game | Santos makes four field goals and the Bears win 12-10 at Minnesota

(Minneapolis) Cairo Santos made a 30-yard field goal with 10 seconds on the clock Monday, allowing the Chicago Bears to win 12-10 against the Minnesota Vikings.

It was Santos’ fourth precision kick of the game.

He was impeccable after failing to do the job during his team’s first climb.

The Bears (4-8) intercepted four passes from Joshua Dobbs.

Justin Fields fumbled the ball twice in the final quarter.

On the other hand, brilliantly protected during a third down and 10 yards, in the middle of the field, he joined DJ Moore for 36 yards and Chicago reached the opposing line of 13, with 55 seconds to go.

The Bears ran out of time before the key kickoff, earning their first win in their last 13 games against rivals from the North Division in the National.

Six of the losses had come at the hands of the Vikings.

Moore provided 114 yards on 11 catches for the Bears, who won without scoring a touchdown thanks to the impeccable work of their defensive unit.

Minnesota (6-6) led 10-9 after a 17-yard connection between Dobbs and TJ Hockenson with 5:54 left in the fourth quarter.

Fields had 217 yards passing, as well as 59 yards rushing.

The Bears, who blew a 12-point lead last week, have a reprieve until Sunday, Dec. 10, when they host Detroit.

The Vikings also have a break until today, where they will play in Las Vegas.

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