Mohammed bin Salman, a prince at the center of the chessboard


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M. De Chalvron, B. Girodon, J. Cohen-Olivieri – franceinfo

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Pointed out by the United States, Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman has moved away from the American protectorate to make new allies such as China and has initiated reconciliation with Iran.

Considered a pariah on the international scene not long ago, derided for his brutality and for having started a bloody war in Yemen, Mohammed ben Salmane, alias MBS, has once again become essential at the cost of a spectacular diplomatic shift. Historically, Saudi Arabia is the United States’ first ally in the region. Upon his arrival, MBS displayed his closeness to Donald Trump, then President.

China and Iran rather than the United States

On October 2, 2018, journalist Jamal Khashoggi, an opponent of MBS, was assassinated at the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Turkey. Joe Biden points to the responsibility of the Saudi crown prince. Put aside by the USA, the petromonarchy turns to China and draws closer to Iran, the sworn enemy of the United States. It now aims to strengthen its soft-power with the organization of several sporting events. From now on open to the worldMBS has not given up on ruling his kingdom with an iron fist.

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