Modest decrease in hospitalizations related to COVID-19 in Quebec

Two other Quebecers have lost their lives as a result of COVID-19, according to the most recent government report.

None of these new deaths have occurred in the past 24 hours. One was two to seven days ago and the other more than seven days ago.

Since the start of the pandemic, 18,254 people have succumbed to the disease in the province.

For their part, hospitalizations remained relatively stable, with a modest decrease in general and a slight increase in intensive care.

With 13 fewer hospitalizations, in Thursday’s report, 1,267 patients with the disease were in hospital, including 406 who were receiving care specifically for COVID-19.

A total of 28 people were in an intensive care unit, an increase of two. Of this number, 18 were being treated due to illness.

Authorities were unable to provide a report on the new cases on Thursday due to a technical problem. Quebecers have declared 27 positive rapid tests.

On the vaccination side, 2,780 doses of vaccine were administered on Wednesday.

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