mocked by Yann Barthès (Daily), a presenter of the JT of France 3 answers him!

Paul Satis, outside his working hours, seems a devotee of Daily. If this were not the case, he would probably never have noticed the sequence during which Yann Barthès made fun of him, as well as all the presenters of the regional JTs of France 3. But what could have noticed the host of the daily TMC to “attack” the journalists of France Televisions ?

This is a “knock” that all presenters on the channel have. Especially those who present the evening editions. Indeed, according to Yann Barthès, all of them, without exception, make a U-turn behind the table located on the set.They go around their office at 7:29 p.m., all of them, in the four corners of the territoryhe had fun last Thursday before one of his columnists added a layer: “Ahahah, It’s no use !. Almost a week after this sequence of DailyPaul Satis has finally decided to react.

Yann Barthès arrested

Unlike his colleagues, the presenter of the Rhône-Alpes edition of JT de France 3 took his courage in both hands to speak to Yann Barthès. But if some expected a settling of accounts between the two, it was missed. On the contrary, Paul Satis had fun with the tackle and even got into the game of the host of TMC by revealing what the famous office was hiding in front of which they perform a U-turn every evening. “You were rightly concerned about this strange provincial custom of walking around this office around 7:29 p.m. I think it’s time I showed you what’s behind this desk”he said via his Twitter account.

A video posted this Tuesday, October 4, in which the presenter explains how to recover essential equipment, such as the JT text sheets, the remote control for the teleprompter or even the headset box, behind the furniture. On the same sarcasm used by Yann Barthès, Paul Satis then lets go: “And then, of course, as we end this diary at 7:29 p.m., here, in the regions, it’s aperitif time. So that’s also where we hide our bottles! Ah bah m*** , there is none left…”. A conclusion filled with irony which should put an end to the mockery between the two camps.

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