Miss Germany, of Iranian origin, victim of a hate campaign on social networks

Apameh Schönauer, committed woman, mother and architect, was elected Miss Germany on Saturday, and since then, racist, misogynistic and sexist messages have been flooding the internet.


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Apameh Schönauer, Miss Germany 2024, on the evening of her election, February 24, 2024. (PHILIPP VON DITFURTH / DPA / MAXPPP)

Of Iranian origin, arriving in Germany at the age of six, Apameh Schönauer established herself as Miss Germany on February 24, 2024, after a long selection process, against 108 other women. HAS 39 years old, this mother of two children, architect by profession, founded the Shirzan network for oppressed women in Germany. She is a committed woman, but who in no way responds to the stereotypical canons of beauty usually conveyed by Miss competitions. In France, she would never have won the crown.

In Germany, the competition organizers have banned the crown, itThere remains only the scarf, because since 2019, the selection criteria for the competition have been profoundly reformed. Miss Germany are no longer queens, even less beauty queens. No more ideal measurements and bikini parades. Candidates are no longer evaluated primarily on their appearance, but for their character, their commitment and their journey. Appearance, more than beauty, is secondary and that changes everything.

However, since his election, thousands of hateful comments have flooded against the election of Apameh Shönauer, it is a condensed of racism, misogyny, sexism. “Miss Germany”we can thus read on X, “this is the result of 12 years of wokism, leftism and deconstruction”,ou again “Miss Germany like that, I see some every day to fruit and vegetable sections of hypermarkets. Some have even called it “oriental pudding”.

“Support strong women”

In France, one of the first to have opened the ball hatred is the far-right site Native French visibly very shocked that the new Miss is calling live on television in Germany to “open our arms a little wider to allow us to become more colorful”. Because as she explained, Apameh Shönauer counts use your scarf For “advocate for diversity” And “support strong women”.

Strong rather than beautiful, etoo bad for those who are bothered by it, those who would like us to continue to transmit to little girls the idea that to be desirable, you absolutely have to meet chimerical standards of beauty. Those who forget that a body that fights is also a woman’s body. VSthey who make you want to fight, like Apameh Shönauer, for a more colorful and therefore more joyful world. While waiting for the profound developments in the Miss Germany competition to one day inspire France.

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