Minister Suzanne Roy wants to better protect children in daycares

(Quebec) The Minister of Families, Suzanne Roy, wants to better supervise daycares in order to protect toddlers.

His bill introduced Thursday will require daycare owners to suspend an employee who endangers the health of children. The ministry may also close a daycare that is unsanitary or whose facilities are dangerous for the safety of young children.

The bill will make it possible to revoke a daycare license if one of its administrators is found guilty of a criminal act. Minister Suzanne Roy also wants to tackle the phenomenon of nominees in childcare settings.

We also want to extend protection against reprisals for parents who report unacceptable situations at unsubsidized daycares.

The tabling of this bill follows reports from the Quebecor investigation office showing that criminals were in charge of daycares or that the ministry had tolerated an unsanitary daycare.

“All children must be able to develop their full potential in complete safety. This is a priority for our government, and we will act for the well-being of all families in Quebec,” said the Minister of Families in a press release.

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